10 (Series Finale)


Air date
April 12, 2010

While one witness is late, Isobel has to do a last minute change for the wedding. Because in just some hours, Johannes and Maykel will be married for better or for worse. Their story comes to an end.

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Episode cast:
Maykel Stone (Maykel)
Alban Greiner (Johannes)
Dorian Martin (Arne)
Anaïs Rahm (Isobel)
Megane Lizier (Margaret)
Steven Claire (Greg)
Ralph Schaefer (Nikolaus)
Flo Carlin (Valerie)
Julie Decourbe (Athenaïs)
Cedric Riou (Ethan)

Resolution: HD 720p
Encoding: H.264
Audio: French (Stereo 2.0)
Subtitles: English and French
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