The story

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Behind the scenes

[General] How long did it take to film a season?

The first season took exactly 4 months (from September 16th to December 16th), filming only on Saturdays and Sundays because the cast, composed of volunteers, was working the rest of the week.

[General] How was the series filmed?

The show was shot with a mainstream camcorder Sony HD-SR5 (in Full HD 1080p), and an Olympus camera (in HD 720p) without any external microphone. It was then edited on Mac with Final Cut Pro.

[General] First season has a new title?

Over time, season 1 was streamed under three different titles.

It was first streamed in 2013 in HD 720p under the title (STILL) NOTHING NEW. But the audience, who thought it was a direct sequel to NOTHING NEW, discovered an independent series and was lost. The two creators took the decision, just one month after the last episode, to delete this version from internet.

The series came back a year later, in 2014, with a new Full HD 1080p version, under the title KAIDAN: SEKAI NO MA. It gained way more success. The title “(still) Nothing New” was kept for the first episode of the show as an homage. However, if “Sekai no ma” was a correct Japanese translation for “The world between worlds”, it was too literary.

In 2024, to celebrate its 10 years anniversary, the series was remastered in 1080p HDR (and 4K HDR for season 2) and Maykel Stone used this occasion to hire a real Japanese translator to correct the title in a more fluent version. The show is now known under the title KAIDAN: HAZAMA NO SEKAI.

[General] Was the show in the medias?

The radio station NRJ followed the series and a report was dedicated to it in the news on February 28, 2013.

Some articles about the show were published in the press and on some websites:
Coze Magazine – December 2013